What is online marketing – explanation

What is online marketing – explanation

What is online marketing – here is a brief explanation and definition of the term.

Whether you’ve heard it from a friend who has such a job, or you’ve encountered it as a job offer through the latest professional ads, online marketing must have been imprinted on your mind.

What is marketing?

Well, in the age of globalization, it’s called online marketing, which is mostly driven and moved forward by the internet and everything online, you should really have an idea of ​​what online marketing is.

And who knows, maybe one day you’ll actually need it. Because online marketing is not important only for people, whose job is actually closely related to it. On the contrary – online marketing is also important for businessmen, and it does not matter whether it is a large and leading company in a certain circle or a small family business, which has just started its development and progress.

Check out the easiest explanations of the term ” online marketing “:

Definition online marketing

  • Develops powerful and effective tools and techniques, which are focused on promoting products in the global marketing.
  • Using the power of the internet, online marketing today is more successful in providing information about today’s products. Everyone uses the internet and everyone has the opportunity to come across brand new and fresh products while surfing the web.
  • Services and products come closer to the consumer, because the consumer believes and uses the internet more than anything else including other parts of global mass media.

That is the most important advantage of online marketing.

Moreover, in online marketing, IT specialists use digital customer data for the management of the information about the promoted products and services. Such a technique is not achievable in the normal market method.

More potentials of online marketing

  1. Growth in potential and maximum reduction of expenses.
  2. Being free for people, the internet is also free as a digital space, where advertising and promotion also become extremely cheap.
  3. Other benefits behind online marketing are better control and better customer service.

Online marketing is able to connect organizations, businesses and simple businessmen with potential customers. These customers are customers who come with almost 60% of the opportunity to be interested in the marketed product . In contrast to the usual “physical” marketing, online marketing is more powerful in the faster search of customers, who actually want to buy the product or try the service.

Primary business models in online marketing – e-commerce, lead-based websites, local search engine optimization , Facebook marketing and Google advertising and of course, linked branding. All of these models have been proven to work, and the best part about them is that usually (almost always) both sides – the customer and the manufacturer or distributor – are happy with the trade deal.

PPC (Pay Per Click advertising)

Is an inbound electronic marketing that gives the chance to the customers to choose what to click. The click immediately raises an alarm that a particular customer has special interests in a particular sphere – clothing, tourism, domestic goods, etc. With shiny and attractive ads, a customer is initially impressed, and then, with a single click, he is directly transferred to the website with the promoted service.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is another online marketing strategy. In contrast to the PPC system, Search engine optimization SEO and SMO promote a product or service more indirectly. What SMO does is increase traffic on a particular website.

When the site becomes popular enough (which means visited several times) it appears on the first results in the search engines.

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Marketing has many interpretations and definitions, which means that what you might think of as marketing, someone else might not. Marketing can be defined in different ways by different people in an organization depending on their level of responsibility or specialization.

This is online marketing .

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