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Google ads, previously called Google Adwords, is the advertising platform of Google.

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Help with advertising in Google?

When you use advertising via Google, you will reach the people who are actively looking for your goods and services. Google advertising will bring more leads and sales. 

At most, over 450,000 Norwegians searched for masks in August 2020. For your products and services, they can be anything from a few hundred to several thousand searches every single month. About 90% of all trade in Norway starts with a search on Google. 

With Google Display, you can also deliver visual advertisements and carry out branding delivered to from the many thousands of websites in Google’s network. Then you can get your profiling on thematic websites that match your buying group. 

Google advertising is a very cost-effective marketing method. With Google advertising, you will be able to measure everything, which means that you can quickly see the effect and can adjust for optimal results. You can also experiment with different ads to see which ones  ads that work best. You can also decide the budget yourself so that you have control over the costs.

We are a certified Google partner and can assist with your advertising.


What is Google Ads - why do I need Google advertising?

Google Ads is the platform Google has established to give you control over your ads in Google’s search results and in their partner network.

Every single day, many people are looking for your goods and services online. Space may be tight in the search results. Therefore, it is also possible to advertise with Google, so that you become visible just when your potential customer is looking. He can buy from you, or from your competitor. It is up to you.

  • Increase sales with targeted ads.
  • Find customers who are looking for what you offer.
  • Measure the results and adjust for better goal attainment.
  • Everything is measurable.
  • You decide the budget yourself.
  • Many different campaign types. Visual, text, targeting mobile only, etc.

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Google's flexible variants

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Get started with Google ads and extensions

Every business has different needs. With advertising via Google, we find solutions that suit your company.

The most common ad type is standard text ads with or without extensions. An extension can, for example, be a map link to your location, your telephone number, or links to other information on your website. These ads are displayed better and often get more clicks as they become more relevant.

You can also combine this with image ads that appear around other websites. This is called the Google Display Network or GDN in the technical language.

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What are Google shopping ads?

With Google shopping ads, you can place your products above the search results with image, text and price. If you have enough reviews, you can also get a star rating for increased attention to your ads.

The location means that potential customers are only one click away from adding your goods to their shopping cart. This is worth its weight in gold for all companies with their own online store that engage in e-commerce.

When a potential customer searches for your products, the product will automatically appear, easily visible, but therefore good product images are very important so that it is you who ends up getting the customer. Note that in order to use Google Shopping advertising, the online store must have prices including VAT.

Google ads come in many different forms with different advantages and disadvantages. Ask us for advice.

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What are dynamic Google ads?

Advertising in Google is an extremely flexible way to be visible. With dynamic ads, Google can scan your website and compile the ads themselves, with minimal effort from you. You can also set up a set of different headlines, texts, etc., which are automatically mixed by Google to find the ad that works best at any given time.

The same applies to image ads, where you upload the elements, and Google mixes this to fit more in line with what the customer is potentially looking for.

We can set up a campaign that suits you . Get in touch with us and we’ll help you get started.


ready-to-buy customers – Targeting

Google Ads gives you enough choices to ensure that we reach the right customers at the right time. There is no point in showing your ads to people who are not in the target group. We can manage this.

Unlike newspapers and print, advertising with Google can fine-tune your audience.

You can start from demographic categories such as marital status, education, home owner etc. In addition, you can also target the ads based on interests such as “House and garden”, cooking and travel etc.

You can also use what is called “remarketing” – which will show ads to those who have already visited your website – to keep the memory of the service alive. You have certainly experienced this – and it works.

You can also avoid targeting, and only let it be driven by specific related keywords.

We know the flexibility and complexity so that you get a successful campaign.

Ask us for advice .


strategy – Bidding

Google ads offers a wide range of bidding strategies for you and your business. All the different strategies have different goals. We know what makes your ads perform better.

Whether you want the most views for a visual identity, the most clicks, or perhaps you only want to pay per sale?

You can also specify bids for individual search terms, or increase your budget for geographical areas.

There is an opening to adjust your Google ads with millimeter precision.

Alternatively, you can also leave everything to Google Ads’ algorithms. It often gives better results than sitting and adjusting without knowing what you are doing. Google is sitting on an enormous knowledge of the market, and with machine learning they serve your ads with elegance.

We quickly find out where you should put in an extra push, so it’s a good idea to have a Google expert on the team.


Google rewards quality

Google has a stated strategy of delivering quality. It applies in search results as with advertisements. Therefore, they have established machine learning and implemented quite advanced algorithms.

You can be sure that Google will try to deliver your ads to people who are in the right mode to act.

It also gives an advantage to those who advertise over time. When Google learns to know your ads and your customers, they will also deliver with better precision over time.

Save money with good websites
The bidding is also affected by many factors. If your website is good, and delivers good goods and services, you will be able to reach more people at a lower price than a competitor who does not have the same quality. There are many advantages to good websites, the cost of advertising with Google is one of them.

See more information about Google’s machine learning here.


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