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Get more customers in Oslo with search engine optimization

Search engine optimization Oslo’s customers are growing: On average, our customers get 33% more clicks over a period of 3 months.

Take advantage of the digital opportunities available to get more leads via Google and other search engines by using us as your agency.

One likes to think of the organic search on Google as a “free” search, but the truth is that there is a carefully calculated algorithm behind it that requires a lot of work with search engine optimization, in order to be the first choice when searching for products, services or companies. Use the opportunity to get more paying customers through a collaboration with us for search engine optimization (SEO) in Oslo.

Move the customer from online to store, or get more turnover in the online store.

Many people research goods and services online, before choosing to shop, or before choosing to visit your local store. SEO is part of an overall strategy around digital marketing. And with the whole, you also need a breadth of expertise. We are 15 people who are ready to help you achieve digital success.

Technical analysis

When we carry out a technical analysis, we do it to uncover errors and shortcomings that limit your website in Google’s search results. A website can get limited visibility in Google as a result of several things such as, for example

  • Mobile friendliness
  • Missing security certificate (SSL)
  • Content copied from other websites or other sources without stating this.
  • After the analysis, we design an action report that enables us to take your desired products and services, often referred to as search terms, to the first page of Google.

Traffic to the website via search on Google

By analyzing today’s traffic to the website, we can identify who is looking for your goods and services in order to hit the right target group

The main goal of doing search engine optimization is to

  • Increase the number of online inquiries
  • Increase the number of sales

We manage the right customers who are interested in your products and services.

We are experts in this


We help search engines find your website or online store as the preferred choice to help users search on Google.

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Google Ads

Our Google Ads team has worked at Google. Therefore, we have a high level of expertise in Google advertising to increase profits.

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Websites that convert

Our team are experts in the redesign and development of websites that safeguard and increase your ranking on search terms with Google.

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Why use search engine optimization (SEO) in Oslo?

SEO Oslo

In order to get more traffic to your website, it is important to perform search engine optimization. If, for example, you carry out search engine optimization with a focus on Oslo, you will bring in more users from Oslo as a geographical area. Search engine optimization in Oslo will increase traffic to the website, generate more leads and create more customers without wasting time on unnecessary prospecting for new customers. By using Adseo to do marketing, identify new customers and optimize your paid ads, you will have more time and focus to make your own business more profitable. Invest your time in what you do best, and let us, who are among Norway’s foremost in search engine optimization and Google ads, help you.

As Oslo is the largest and most densely populated area in Norway, it is extra important for a business to think about how it appears when it is found via the internet. In SEO Oslo, it is important to be number one in your industry because the competition is so great. This also applies online to searches in Google, where the majority of the population searches.

With the help of search engine optimization Oslo, it is possible to get your company to be number 1 in Google searches.

What is Local SEO?

According to statistics, every fifth search on is a local search in the form of a product or service + place name. For example “SEO agency+Oslo”. Most people who search online for products and services like to search with the local place name in the search string before doing a further extended search for the same product or services in the neighboring city or nationally. Local SEO is the main reason why you should invest money in search engine optimization for your website! When you optimize your company’s website, it will rank higher in Google’s search. This means that you will be the first choice when people search for your products and services on Google.

Local SEO is about having a presence on all the local searches when someone searches for your products or services in Oslo.

How does it work?

Regardless of whether you are a dentist, hairdresser, lawyer or shop owner, it is important that you make your business visible on the internet in your local area, in your local tea shop, in your city. If, for example, you need a dentist in Oslo, most people search for “dentist Oslo” in Google. Or if you are searching for a hairdresser in Frogner in Oslo, you would have written “hairdresser Frogner”, which could have given you results from Frogner in Lillestrøm, which is a little way outside Oslo. Therefore, you would most likely have added an extra word, and searched for “hairdresser Frogner Oslo”. One example from our own industry; when someone searches for search optimization in Oslo, they will write: Search engine optimization Oslo or SEO Oslo.

Search engine optimization is a natural way to lead potential customers to your company’s website so that they can see which products and services you offer. Being number 1 on Google’s search results can provide a significant increase in incoming leads and sales for your company.

What should I do to get started with SEO?

It is very easy to start getting more visitors to your company’s website. Contact us and we will create more online traffic, more leads and sales. By letting us be your media agency and manage the digital visibility, you can focus on running the company in the best possible way.

Don’t wait to get to the top of the search engines such as Google or Microsoft Bing, get in touch today and start the process.


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