Photography is one of the most effective tools in marketing. Professional images will help create a visual presence within all communication platforms. In today’s digital world, high-quality images are absolutely essential for conveying information quickly and efficiently. Professional images play an important role when companies want to reach out to their target group.

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The quality of the images will reflect the quality of the website. A good website becomes much easier to create with the right material. With your own images, a website quickly gains much more personality and authenticity, compared to a website with generic images.

“Bad images, bad business”

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Various photo services for companies

There are many different types of photos a photographer can take. No matter what industry the company operates in, there is always something that can be photographed. Pictures create expectations. They show customers what kind of business they are dealing with and what value they can create.

It is not only the communication channels that benefit greatly from professional images. Images are very useful when submitting articles or press releases to newspapers or other publications. With compelling images, it will be much easier for you to be noticed by both editors and readers. The reason this is mentioned first is to understand the importance of professional images for businesses, as the images may be used by other publications.

Press photos and image bank

You get the opportunity to be featured and photographed in the local newspaper or in the national media for free, but do not have good enough photos.

All the different images described here can ensure that you have a solid image bank. With an image bank, you can quickly find the right images for each individual message. With an updated image collection, you also keep the content fresh and relevant in today’s digital landscape. With the right image bank in place, you can create great images that attract attention and engage your target audience.

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Portraits of employees

Employees in the workplace are an important part of the company’s identity. A professional portrait gives employees a visual representation of who they are, says something positive about their job and helps create a sense of belonging in the workplace.

The benefits of professional portraits of the employees are more than being perceived as professional and serious. They can be used in marketing materials, on social media or even as part of internal branding campaigns to give potential customers or clients a sense of who the company is and what it stands for.

Professional portraits make it easier for people outside the organization to get an immediate sense of who you are without having to meet in person.

As mentioned, images create credibility and trust. Through pictures of employees, products and services, customers get an insight into what makes your company unique. It gives them the opportunity to connect faces to names and learn more about who is behind the business. This creates will lower the threshold for potential stakeholders to make contact or seek out the company.

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Area photo and drone photo

Pictures from the local area are an effective way to show where the company is located and to engage potential customers and build relationships with them.

Drone photography has become more common as drones have become more accessible. The emergence of newer camera technology has given the drones a camera that provides a good image with high resolution. This has meant that overview images from the air have become much cheaper than it was before.

Situation and environmental images

Situation pictures are pictures that depict a specific scene or situation. They can be used to convey a feeling, a setting, a concept or an idea in a visual way. For companies, it is important to have professional situation images to create a polished and professional presence. Situation pictures make it possible for companies to represent their brand visually and create contact with potential customers, products or services. Images can help break up text-heavy content and make it more interesting to read. In addition, persuasive situational images can help to increase the company’s credibility by highlighting their unique offer.

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Product photo

High-quality product photography can help create an engaging online presence for a business and provide customers with detailed information about the products they are considering purchasing. In addition, professional product images help businesses showcase their products from their best side and stand out from the competition.

Good product images can also be used in print media such as catalogues, brochures and leaflets, or even in physical stores, where customers can get a better impression of the product before making a purchase decision. Using high-quality images has been shown to significantly increase sales, making it clear that investing in professional product photography is critical to success.


Images are one of the most important elements of a company’s Google My Business profile. Professional photos give customers an accurate representation of the company’s products and services. They can also be used to highlight important aspects of the company, such as the logo, the shop front or the employees. One of the first things we do for our customers is to update GMB. This is an easy move to make as GMB is basically a listing in Google.

A profile with good photos is more likely to attract customers than random photos taken with a phone, which makes it important for businesses to invest in high-quality photos. Professional photos on your profile also give potential customers a better impression of what you have to offer. A good visual expression makes your company appear more reliable and trustworthy, which increases the likelihood that customers will become loyal customers.



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Why use a photographer for simple portraits?

By using a skilled photographer to take employee photos gives you photos of the highest quality with a natural expression. An experienced photographer contributes to the planning and organization of the photography, provides valuable advice and guidance regarding implementation and image style, and possesses the necessary knowledge to give the images a holistic and complete look that is perfect for your company.

  • Think about what message you want to send with your images and how they will be used in various marketing campaigns or advertising materials. You can also browse the portfolios of different photographers to get an idea of ​​the different styles available before making your decision.
  • Editing is usually included in professional photography services and can include anything from simple color corrections to more complex image manipulation techniques such as retouching or combining multiple images into one scene. Ultimately, it depends on the type of editing required for each project, so it’s best to discuss this with the photographer.

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