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We help you create a website with wordpress, from idea to reality.

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Create a new website in WordPress

We have chosen to work with WordPress, which is the world’s most used CMS website system.

What is a WordPress website and how does it work?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). In short, it is software that allows you to create, publish and modify content online, i.e. a website.

WordPress website consists of three main elements that must work together for a website to perform:



The design shows how your website should look and feel. The design process covers everything from color schemes to fonts and page layouts. The most common is to choose a template, but you can also custom build a theme and develop it.


If you are going to create a new website, you need a good technical core. The core system that runs the website is also called the content management system (CMS). A CMS can be compared to the engine of a car. Without an engine, you can’t get anywhere.


Plugins are the additional software that you add to your website to perform functions that you want. Plugins can be anything from contact forms, images to analysis tools and more.

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Search engine friendly

Websites created with WordPress are SEO friendly . Websites developed with WordPress allow for clear navigation and are thus easy for search engine robots to crawl. With a WordPress website, it is easier for SEO specialists like us at Adseo to use advanced search engine optimization techniques. Other CMS can be more difficult for the robots of the search engines to crawl, and therefore very difficult to achieve good results on.

WordPress is open source, which means there is a large online community where new plugins, tools and designs are developed and shared. The approach and availability of information drives innovation which means that WordPress is and will be the market leader for a long time.

  • Updates to WordPress occur continuously to overcome the ever-increasing security issues of our time on the internet.
  • Statistics show that every week around 20,000 websites are blacklisted by Google for distributing malicious software.
  • WordPress’s platform is regularly audited by hundreds of developers to ensure that its security measures withstand attacks from hackers.

Website maintenance

With ongoing website maintenance, your WordPress website can stay up-to-date with the latest in design, functionality and security. We can help your website stay online and your online store open for business.

Since WordPress is so widespread, it is easy to find an agency or developer who can assist your company in the process of setting up the perfect website. Almost all developers know how to work with WordPress.

Websites designed with another platform are easy to transfer to us if you want a new partner.

As your preferred partner, we also take care of:

  • Create website with wordpress
  • Hosting of web hosting
  • As well as e-mail solutions if you wish.
  • If you have everything in one place, it is much easier to manage.
  • You get total control with a solution from us.
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Remember list

A few things to keep in mind before creating and creating a new website

In order to have a secure website, files, databases, templates, uploads and extensions must be regularly backed up.

Regular testing of all functions such as forward links (301 redirects), contact form, search function, shopping basket, login function and plugins.

In order for the framework (CMS) to work at all times, you must follow the updates that come. We look over the functions so that there are no outdated plugins that spoil the fact that you as a customer have an optimal website.

Yes, if desired, you can get your own login with us. We keep a log of all activity and can therefore restore most of it if you should do something that causes the website to have problems. By agreement, we can help you edit, remove or add changes such as images, text, blog posts or links and more.

We ensure that the security on your website is optimal at all times. This means that security holes are discovered and that potential threats such as hacking become more difficult. With today’s increased internet traffic, safeguarding the security of your website is a very good reason for your website or online store to have monthly monitoring by us.

By having an operating agreement with us, we ensure that everything works as it should at all times. Adseo’s web developers ensure that your website increases in domain authority with the search engines and that regular necessary maintenance is carried out.


Do you want to create a new website?

Are you wondering if WordPress is the right tool for your business? Use the contact form and we promise to give you an honest assessment before you start with a new website.

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