Norway’s best at SEO – about orphaned content

Norway’s best at SEO – about orphaned content

If you want content to rank in Google, the search engine needs to know about the content. This means that you or a website must link to this content.

A short article about orphaned content from Norway’s best on SEO .

Google follows these links and stores every article or page it finds through links to the index.

Then you understand that it is important that you create contextual links to your content.

It sounds very simple, but if you publish a lot of content, your link structure may not have the highest priority, this may result in some of your articles not getting links.

In this article about so-called orphaned content from Yoast, we will explain how you can fix this.

What is orphan content that Norway’s best at SEO are talking about?

orphaned content

Orphan content is content that does not have links or links to other posts or pages on the same website . The result is that this is content that is difficult to find for both Google and visitors. Articles and pages on your website need internal links to fit into the structure of the website. This makes the content more accessible. Note that all links in this case mean contextual links.

For example:

Content that is linked from the website, website map, categories and tags – but lacks text links, this is still seen as orphan content, says Norway’s Best SEO.

The reason for this is that links give users and search engines context and add more value.

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Why does orphan content affect your SEO?

In order for the content of your website to rank, it is quite obvious that Google must know about it. Search engines follow links and links, store all content in the indexing.

  • Orphaned content has very few meaningful internal links from other pages or articles to it.
  • Google will always rate this type of content as unimportant.
  • If an article is important to you, you should make it clear to Google and everyone who visits your website.
  • Link to the specific article from another article with similar content.

How is orphaned content created?

Why Orphan Content Affects

When you write a new article, publish it, forget it, we you probably do not link to the article in new publications.

  • Is this a bad idea?
  • It obviously depends on the article.
  • It’s a bad idea anyway if you want Google to find the article because it’s important.

Make sure Google and the public can find the orphaned content.

Create links from content that generates a lot of traffic in the search engines, this will help Google and the public to find your articles.

How do I find orphaned content on my website?

orphan content website best seo

There are a number of tools you can install that give you a total overview of all content on your website.

Don’t have this installed today?

Contact us and we will help you on your way.

Should one always fix orphaned content?

Some articles thrive on orphaned content. Some articles are only important for a limited period of time. Perhaps you have to organize an event or have a limited-time offer. Such articles are great but only have a small window of relevance.

You should consider deleting such articles eventually, in the right way of course.

It is important to clean up your website on an ongoing basis.


Follow the orphaned content, says Norway’s best at SEO!

We have now shown that it is easy to create orphaned and incomprehensible content if you write many articles. Fortunately, there are many tools you can use to keep yourself up to date. With these tools, you can check which articles are orphaned and add links to other important content on your website.

This way , Google and your users find it easily.

Contact us for a non-binding chat about your website.

We are happy to help you on your way with the right tools that will make your website more visible with search engine optimization .

Greetings, Norway’s best at SEO .

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