Links, Spam attack and negative backlinks.

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Links from other websites to your website can be a resource and source of more traffic. Good links are relevant and also lead to increased traffic. The meaning of links has changed over the years. So we’ll quickly start with the story. When the search engines started coming, they used a technology that follows links […]

What is SEO: 20 Statistics and Facts in 2021

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What is SEO: statistics for 2020 In 2020 (as of 15/10/2020), Google has had over 75% of all the world’s search traffic on the internet via desktop, followed by Bing with 9.97%, Baidu with 9.34% and Yahoo with 2.77%. 2.3 trillion searches have been made so far this year. Every day there are trillions of […]

Is there a lot of traffic to be gained in long tail keywords? [Analyse]

Er det mye trafikk a hente i nokkelord med lang hale

If you want the content you write to rank with search engines such as Google, you should rewrite your long-tail keywords. You’ve probably read or received advice about this in search engine optimization (SEO) before. What do we mean by long tail keywords? Why should you write about them? In this short article, we explain […]

Content planning for a growing website

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Maintaining good content on a website is about more than just writing a bunch of articles. You should develop a strategy and plan your content, especially if you are multiple authors writing articles . You should also interact with the audience and listen and respond to any comments on the articles had to generate. At […]

The 4 most typical search intentions

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What is search intent? SEO is a way to get more traffic to your website. By ranking high in Google, you attract more people to your website. Eventually, your goal is probably to sell your stuff or to attract more regular visitors. To get more traffic to your website, optimize your content for words people […]

Why content marketing needs good keyword analysis

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Content marketing has a central role in any SEO strategy. But keyword analysis helps you write good SEO content for the website . Without content and content marketing, it is impossible for your website to rank in search engines. It is absolutely essential to have good content that is structured in the right way for […]

Norway’s best at SEO – about orphaned content

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If you want content to rank in Google, the search engine needs to know about the content. This means that you or a website must link to this content. A short article about orphaned content from Norway’s best on SEO . Google follows these links and stores every article or page it finds through links […]

How important is original content for SEO?

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Nobody wants to read old news. The content of your articles must be new, fresh and original. It should be an addition to something that is already online. In this article, we will explain the importance of original content to you. What is original content? Original content does not necessarily mean new content. Of course, […]

33 most asked questions about Search engine optimization

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What is SEO The most frequently asked questions about Search engine optimization can be found here. Google changes its ranking algorithm every day, and it is only occasionally that they reveal what changes they have made. Google does this to prevent someone from being able to crack the code and always end up at the […]

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