Content planning for a growing website

Content planning for a growing website

Maintaining good content on a website is about more than just writing a bunch of articles.

  • You should develop a strategy and plan your content, especially if you are multiple authors writing articles .
  • You should also interact with the audience and listen and respond to any comments on the articles
    had to generate.
  • At the same time, you are sitting on a lot of data if you have done a good traffic analysis and search engine optimization (SEO) of your website.

In this article, we will explain the importance of content planning and give some practical tips on how to plan your articles, without any problems!

Content planning of articles

If your website gets more visits and you want to be perceived more seriously by having regular articles published, you should make a plan for your content .

Scheduling becomes much more difficult if you work with multiple authors or writers who write about different topics on your website. We share some important tips that will help you make a good plan.

Create an editorial calendar

Create an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is important and is used if you work with multiple authors and publish content frequently.

Therefore, you should create an editorial calendar where you plot all the posts you will write and at what time you will launch them. This can be an excel sheet, but it is easier to use an editorial plugin or service that has a drag and drop calendar for this.

A couple of examples of tools that can help you are, for example , Trello or MeisterTask .

In these calendars, you can easily assign posts to authors and editors, and if you want, use labels for categorization.

The first step is to sit down and brainstorm

brainstorm content

If you want to fill the editorial calendar, you can start with a brainstorming session. Invite everyone who writes content to the website and sit down together. Ask everyone what their ideas are, what articles they can create, and what topics they want to write about in the near future.

Of course, you should have done keyword analysis in advance to form a basis for what you should write.

Make a list of their ideas and wishes and plot them in the editorial calendar. Make sure all writers have finished their articles a few days before the publication date. It gives you time to proofread and edit if necessary.

In addition, you will always have time to find or create accompanying illustrations and images to create visual life in the article .

Determine the frequency

You should publish articles regularly on your website or blog .

It is difficult to give exact figures on how often to publish.

For most websites, a weekly post is feasible. Try to establish a certain frequency and stick to it.

Once you know you can commit to your chosen schedule, make sure to publish the content being created on an ongoing basis.

Add variety

If you often write about similar topics, make sure that keyword cannibalization does not happen. Be sure to vary what is written. Don’t post articles on nearly identical topics one after the other.

Of course, you can still write articles on similar topics in series, but try to vary between subjects as much as possible. You can also create variations of your content. A video post, for example, spices things up and creates a good experience!

Use news and current events

When planning your content, you should also take a look at your calendar! Are there any big ones
events worth mentioning in your articles? Or should you write some seasonal posts? Be sure to intersperse these current event posts with the other posts you have ready to publish.

Be current and relevant with the articles you write.

Use a style guide for content

Use a content style guide

Composing a style guide for your articles is a great way to ensure that everyone writes and spells the same way. In a style guide, you can agree to write words in a certain way. Of course we should all write in a grammatically correct way, but the use of capitals and brand names can vary.

When many authors write for the same website, it will create more unity if everyone spells important words the same way.

In the style guide, you can also agree on the length of the posts, the use of paragraphs, headings and the use of images.

It should be a document where you write down all the things that must be consistent in your posts. And don’t forget to add some tips for SEO copywriters too!

Content planning will help you grow!

A growing website needs more content planning, especially if you are working with multiple writers. It is important to agree on style, the topics you will write about, and the number of articles to be written.

As long as authors continue to work and talk together, a website with multiple authors can be a huge success and make the site grow even further!

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