Choosing a domain is not an easy job

velge et domene

Choosing a domain is not an easy job. Easy to remember – adapted to the brand – keywords Your domain name is the most powerful foundation for your online identity. Choosing the wrong domain can have a long-term and negative impact on your brand and website. It can also have a negative impact on ranking […]

How does Pay Per Click (PPC) bidding work?


PPC means pay per click. Pay per click is used as one of the most common payment methods when buying digital advertising. Another expression that is often heard instead of PPC is CPC (cost per click) and is essentially exactly the same. Beloved child has many names, and so it is in digital marketing . […]

Now you should verify your Google account before it’s too late

image1 1

To our customers. In April 2020, Google announced that it must verify the identity of all advertisers using Google advertising ads. As part of this program, advertisements will now contain disclosures with information about the advertiser’s name and country. This should help potential customers perceive the advertising content they see as more reliable and more […]

Which organizations can be awarded GA Grants?

google ga grants

Do you run a charitable organization that wants to reach out to like-minded people who are interested in solving the same social problems that you and your organization are working against. Or do you want to recruit more new employees who can help you achieve the goals of your non-profit organisation? If so, this article […]

Content planning for a growing website

Innholdsplanlegging voksende nettside

Maintaining good content on a website is about more than just writing a bunch of articles. You should develop a strategy and plan your content, especially if you are multiple authors writing articles . You should also interact with the audience and listen and respond to any comments on the articles had to generate. At […]

The 4 most typical search intentions

Hva er sokeintensjon

What is search intent? SEO is a way to get more traffic to your website. By ranking high in Google, you attract more people to your website. Eventually, your goal is probably to sell your stuff or to attract more regular visitors. To get more traffic to your website, optimize your content for words people […]

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