Choosing a domain is not an easy job

Choosing a domain is not an easy job

Choosing a domain is not an easy job. Easy to remember – adapted to the brand – keywords

Your domain name is the most powerful foundation for your online identity.
Choosing the wrong domain can have a long-term and negative impact on your brand and website. It can also have a negative impact on ranking in e.g. Google as well as the abandonment of customers.

This article presents the best practices for choosing brand names and domain names.

TrueName™ domains are the next generation of descriptive domain names, which are in line with your company’s identity, in line with who you are and what your company means to its customers.

Before you rush out to find a new domain, we’ve written down some points you should consider.

Do this:

  • Choose a domain that is easy to remember: Your domain should reflect your brand and your product or services. Eg: coffee house or Oslopizza.
  • Answer both “who” and “what”: Who are you and what do you do? Encapsulate this in your domain, if possible. Ex: pizza oslo.
  • Keep it short: Taking advantage of new TLDs, you can save characters by moving a work to the right of the dot. Ex: dxctecnology(.)com vs
  • Think about your keywords: Include the SEO keywords you want to rank for.
  • Be safe: The domain extension you choose may or may not have security issues. TrueName domain extensions block all homographic variations of your domain, for free.


Don’t do this:

  • Long domains with a hyphen (or more) Eg: bad-idea-for-your-domain(.)com
  • Hide: Don’t get lost among the competition with a domain name that doesn’t match your brand or service. How to do it right: kaffehus(.)no
  • Compromise: Your brand name should be as unique and uncompromising as the product or service you offer. Don’t add modifiers to your name when you can be creative and stay true to your name with new extensions. How to do it right:
  • Be ambiguous or vague: Use the space to the right of the dot to expand your brand and tell customers who you are and what you do. How to do it right: positivenyheter(.)no
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