How important is original content for SEO?

How important is original content for SEO?

Nobody wants to read old news. The content of your articles must be new, fresh and original. It should be an addition to something that is already online.

In this article, we will explain the importance of original content to you.

What is original content?

Original content does not necessarily mean new content. Of course, if your story is brand new, that means it’s original. However, providing your professional opinion on a particular topic also counts as original content. Your angle to a story can be what makes your content unique and original. Original content can also be an overview of older information. Perhaps you are able to structure existing information nicely if it has not been done before.

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Google’s mission

To understand why original content is important for search engine optimization and SEO, we need to look at Google’s mission. Google’s mission is to read everything that is on the web in the world, systematize it, and show you the content based on your search with the highest relevance. To be one of those who rank high in what is displayed by Google, you need to write useful articles that your audience will read.

Such articles are better the more they have to offer that cannot be found in other articles on the web.

Think about the audience

Think about the audience content write

If you want to create original content, you should think about your audience. What do you want to tell the audience? What will be the main message of your article? What is the purpose? What do you want your audience to do after reading your article?

  • Do you want them to engage?
  • Buy your stuff?
  • Read more posts?

Thinking about these questions will help you come up with an original idea for your post or article.

Keyword analysis must always come first

Although an original idea is a key element in writing a great SEO article, every SEO strategy should start with a keyword analysis. If you want to rank high and attract traffic to your website, you should focus your SEO strategy on the terms people are searching for. Remember to look for long-tail keywords that have a lot of potential traffic . You should try to get into the mindset of people and find out what words they use to search.

What questions does the audience have?

There are a number of tools you can use to help you with your keyword research. If you do your keyword analysis correctly, you should end up with a long list of phrases you want to be found for. This list should act as a guide for you to choose from. You should write your content around these keywords.

A keyword is not yet a topic. You should make sure to come up with an original idea for your article. An idea where the desired keyword has a prominent place.

Original content

Original content

Writing original articles is the best way to drive traffic to your website. Assuming you’ve done your keyword analysis and you’re following the terms that drive traffic to your website. Original content will give your website a boost in search engine rankings. It’s also a great way to demonstrate expertise in your specific niche to your audience.

Stay original vs. wishing for a lot of clicks.

Your keyword analysis will give you ideas about which terms your articles should focus on. After this, it is your job to write something original around the specific words. It can often be tempting to write about something similar to what has already been written by all other providers.

A few weeks ago we were asked to write something about SEO copywriting mistakes. The keyword SEO copywriting error is a word we believe will generate traffic to our website. We wrote the article and titled it: SEO copywriting mistakes you should avoid. This is a title we want to generate clicks. We are sure that the article we rank and we are sure that it will be clicked. However, the article was not

We found this out afterwards. Upon closer examination, there are a number of articles about SEO copywriting mistakes out there. Although our article on SEO copywriting mistakes to avoid provided several tips that were not found in any of the other articles we found, the post was still a little unoriginal. There is no point in writing such articles between now and then. It helps you generate clicks on the SERPs. But be careful to have unoriginal content all the time. If you have, your audience will read fewer of your articles.

What should you focus on next?

Original content is the first thing you need to focus on in the process of writing a high-quality SEO friendly article. After you ensure that you have original content, you should focus on the readability of your articles. Your idea may be completely original, but if you fail to write one
really good text, your message will be lost.

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