5 tips on how to write easy-to-read articles

5 tips on how to write easy-to-read articles

It can often be difficult to read from a screen. If you want people to read your entire article, it must be easy to read. If your content is easy to read, you will probably get repeated visits to your website, which will create a higher conversion rate . Fortunately, there are simple steps that can help give your website a quick boost.

This article gives you five tips on how to write easy-to-read articles .

Focus on your audience

The most important piece of advice we can give you is to make sure your content is at the right level for your target audience. If you are talking about toys and the content is aimed at children, it should be very easy to read. If your audience is, for example, doctors and lawyers, the text can be much more challenging, but it should still be appropriate. We list five tips below. These should only be seen as guidelines, not any conclusion.

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Tip 1: Write clear paragraphs

Tip 1 Write clear paragraphs

It is important that you write clear paragraphs. We recommend that you always start with the most important sentence in the paragraph. Then you can explain and elaborate on the sentence. This will help your readers understand your article by only reading the first sentence of each paragraph. Make sure the paragraphs are not too long.

8-10 sentences is not too little.

Tip 2: Write short sentences

Tip 2 Write short sentences

Try to write as short sentences as possible. Short sentences are easier to read and understand than longer ones. You are likely to make fewer grammatical errors with short sentences. Sentences with more than 20 words are considered long. If you are going to write in English, you must ensure that you only have a few sentences of 20 words or more in an article.

Each individual language has its own limits .

Make sure the paragraphs are no more than one long sentence each.

Tip 3: Limit difficult words

Tip 3 Limit difficult words

It is important to limit the use of difficult words. It will always be more difficult to read from a screen. This especially applies to a screen on a smartphone. Words with many syllables are considered difficult to read. Avoid these as far as possible.

Sometimes articles are about something that is hard to explain. This often requires more advanced vocabulary. In such cases, you need to make sure that your sentences and paragraphs are not too long. This is something that your readers will like.

If you focus on a niche market, difficult words are usually less useful than correct keywords. Remember that the most important thing is that the keyword you want to focus on fits into the article.

Proper keyword analysis will give you better options for difficult keywords .

Tip 4: Use transitional words

Tip 4 Use transitional words

By using the right transition words or signal words if you like, you can make your content more readable. Transitional words are words such as because, most important, therefore or besides that. This gives your readers direction. These words will give signals that something is coming up. If you want to summarize, use first, second, third, etc. If you want to compare, write the same, less, rather, while, or either. If you want to conclude, you use hence, consequently or therefore.

Using transition words is almost the same as molding the words into each other. The relationship between two sentences becomes clear. Readers will understand your content much better if you use these words properly.

Tip 5: Use variety!

Tip 5 Use variety!

For a post to be attractive to a reader, it should be varied. Avoid repeating yourself. Alternate between longer paragraphs and shorter sentences. Try to use synonyms if the same word is repeated often. Many people use the words and or too much. Instead, mix these words with also and moreover. This will make your writing more attractive, not least more readable.


If you want readers to get through your entire article, you need to make sure it’s easy to read. Don’t make it harder than you have to. Avoid long sentences and write clear paragraphs. There are a number of tools out there that can help you write more readable text. These tools also help you check if your writing is SEO friendly. Contact us for a no-obligation chat and we will help you get started in becoming a master of good content. This will increase traffic to your website.

You will get repeat visits and the conversion rate will go up.

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