Why content marketing needs good keyword analysis

Why content marketing needs good keyword analysis

Content marketing has a central role in any SEO strategy. But keyword analysis helps you write good SEO content for the website . Without content and content marketing, it is impossible for your website to rank in search engines. It is absolutely essential to have good content that is structured in the right way for a good result.

This article will cover the most important areas of content marketing and help you along the way.

Content article about content marketing and good SEO content:

  1. What is content marketing SEO
  2. Keywords and analysis

What is keyword analysis?

  • Why is keyword analysis so important for good SEO content?
  • Some expressions we use in keyword analysis
  • How many keywords?
  • Head or tail?
  • Keyword intent and search intent
  • Tools you can use
  • Customize your keyword strategy

3. Site structure

  • Why is website structure important for SEO content?
  • The ideal structure of a website
  • Practical tips for improving website structure

4. Copywriting

  • Copywriting starts with an original idea
  • Content design
  • Copywriting requires readable SEO content
  • Content, context and search intent
  • Content must be optimized for search engines

5. Conclusion on Content Marketing SEO

1. What is Content Marketing SEO?

Content Marketing SEO refers to creating content that helps your website rank high in the search engines . It includes everything around writing and structuring content on your website. There are some main elements you need to consider in order to produce good content that will rank highly.

These three elements are:

  1. Keyword strategy
  2. Website structure and
  3. Copywriter

Content SEO is important because search engines such as Google read everything on your website. The words you use on the website determine whether or not you rank in the search engines. The website must of course be of good design, the interface must be good, all other technical requirements must also be met for your website to rank high in search engines such as Google. But without high-quality content and content marketing, the website has no chance of good visibility in the search engines.

Conclusion on Content Marketing SEO

Content and Content Marketing is a big part of SEO. It encompasses all aspects of authoring and structuring your website. Content SEO is very important. Google reads and scans the website’s text. Google’s algorithms largely determine the position you achieve in the search engine based on the content you publish. Content means everything. You must write amazing articles with good SEO content. It is important to focus on the most important keywords for you.

It is also important to structure the website so that Google understands it.

2. Keywords and analysis

What is keyword analysis
Keyword analysis is a thorough investigation to create comprehensive keywords that you want to rank for in the search engines. Any content SEO strategy should begin with a keyword analysis. You want to know what people are searching for to generate traffic to the website. Keyword analysis helps you find out which words, terms and phrases you are aiming to rank for.

Keyword analysis has four steps:

  • What is your goal?
  • Make a list of all the words you want to rank for
  • Search intent
  • Create landing pages for the words

If you analyze keywords correctly, you will get a good overview of what people are searching for to find your website. This article will provide input on how to write good content on your website.

Keywords and analysis

Why are keywords and analysis so important for good SEO content marketing?

If you do the keyword analysis correctly, you will clarify what people are searching for to find your website. This is absolutely crucial for a good result. We often meet customers who use certain words when talking about their products or services, while the potential customers use completely different words and phrases. Optimizing SEO content for words that people don’t use doesn’t make sense. It is important to do a thorough keyword analysis so you know you are using the same words and phrases as the target group you want to reach. It will always give good returns in the long term
to do this job extra thoroughly.

Why are keywords and analysis so important

Some expressions we use in keywords and analysis

  • Keywords and key phrases
    We are in the habit of using the word keyword all the time, we do not necessarily mean that it is only one word. “WordPress SEO” is a keyword, “Google Analytics plugin” is also just a keyword, so you can have keywords that contain several words.
  • Long tail keywords
    The longer and more specific the keywords, the easier it will be to rank for the word. Keywords that are more specific and usually longer are referred to as long-tail keywords. Long tail keywords often focus on a more specific niche.
  • How many keywords?
    It is difficult to give an exact number of keywords you should focus on, but at the same time it is quite simple, you need many, as many as you can think of. More than a thousand keywords can probably be too many.

Even if you run a small business, you will probably end up with a few hundred keywords. You don’t need to create pages for all of these immediately. The beauty of having a good CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress and a new website is that you can gradually add content.

Think about which keywords you want to rank for right away, which ones are immediately important. Decide what your priorities are and plan your content creation accordingly. – Adseo

Head or tail?
It is important to rank your keywords. Some keywords are very common and competitive, while others are long tail. Decide which are the most critical keywords, the ones that generate enough traffic for your website and are the best fit for your business. You will probably only have a few of these keywords, the rest of the words you will find in the long tail. In the next section, we will provide a more detailed information about long tail keywords and the importance of these keywords.

SEO content with a focus on the most common keywords must be part of the prioritized and most visible part of your website. Long-tail keywords can be general content on your website.

Keyword intent and search intent
When doing keyword analysis, it pays to think about the user’s search intent.

Will they look for information you share when they type in one of your keywords as a search term? Or is their goal to buy something? The intention is
evident in key words such as[Kjøp seng] , or[hvordan lage proteinshake] . It is not always that simple. There are four different types of intentions.

  • Navigation Intent. People want to visit a specific website, but instead
    to provide the url address, they enter a phrase into a search engine.
  • Information intent. People are trying to find an answer to a specific question
    or information about a subject.
  • Commercial intent. People want to buy something in the near future and window shop
    providers and prices.
  • Transactional intent. People are looking to buy something after doing theirs
    commercial intent searches.

Search engines always try to respond with the highest possible relevance to the needs they believe the searches are based on. The search engines are getting better at this every day.

They are good at guessing people’s intentions. If 95% of all who search for[bytte bildekk] have informational intent and you’re optimized for transactional intent to sell tires you probably won’t rank on those searches most of the time.

Check SERPs (Search engine result page)

Check SERPs (Search engine result page)

You can get a huge amount of information from the results pages when you do keyword analysis. If you want to find out what the purpose is for the words to be used, you can simply google these keywords and study the search results. Try to create content that responds to the specific need you have for each word in the search results. This article describes in more detail how to use the search results to create content with the right intent.

Tools you can use

Keyword tools you can use
There are many tools available for free to help you with your keyword analysis. Feel free to contact us for a chat and we will help you along the way.

Customize your keyword strategy

Customize your keyword strategy

Your keyword strategy is not static. It should change and develop alongside your company and your website. It must develop and grow with you. If this is not carried out, it will be wrong.

You should stay on top of the changes in your company and adapt your strategy at the same time. If your online store starts selling new products, you need to expand the list with more keywords. If you are targeting new markets, it is important that your keywords target these markets.

There are several keyword strategies to use. One of them is to start trying to rank for long tail keywords and then target more general keywords eventually, but you can also start focusing on general keywords and then target more long tail keywords.
You can target more niches, broaden your approach, add more content on different things, or you can do both at the same time.

This requires a lot of work, but it will always pay off in the long run. We are more than happy to help you with parts of this job, or all of it.

Contact Adseo, your SEO agency , if you want to learn more or have a non-binding offer on SEO, content marketing or keyword analysis.

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